This site is dedicated to the retail store of ARP Constrictors, Exotics by ARP. Being established in 2010, we are pioneers in Ball Python with over a decade of experience in the reptile industry. Even though ball python has always been our primary focus, having a retail store allowed us to venture into other exotic animals such as bearded dragons, tortoises, geckos, parrots, and exotic mammals. We also carry various accessories, diets and different exotic animal needs.

We believe that the key to a pleasant experience in exotic pet keeping begins by obtaining them from the right source. Starting your hobby with a lower-priced but unhealthy animal would cause you a lot of heartache and difficulty, which might deter you from this hobby. We aim to cater for Malaysian exotic pet hobbyists by providing high quality and healthy animals at reasonable prices. We also offer consultation and education about various exotic animals we specialize in. All animals sold by us are Captive Breed ethically. We are 100% in compliance with the Malaysian Wildlife Department (PERHILITAN). We do not support or cater to illegally smuggled animals. We will not entertain any such request offers by any party.

We also strongly advise against wild-collected animals as pets, as it is a stressful process for both pet owners and animals alike. We don't just sell you pets. We welcome you into this hobby and are ready to provide all necessary guidance even after bringing home your pet. We also encourage researching the species you are interested in to help further you understand them and provide better care before you purchase them.
On this site, you can find everything available in our retail store. Browse through or, better yet, drop by our shop straight away and have a look at our fantastic collection, which includes hundreds of Ball Pythons, giant tortoises, parrots, enormous snakes and wild cats!

Thank you for visiting our site, and we hope you have a pleasant experience with us.