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  • Extra deep waterproof base.
  • Create a rainforest, swamp or river landscape.
  • Perfect for installing a biological filter system.
  • Ventilation through the front window.
  • Ideal for aquatic species.

Natural terrarium – Paludarium Innovative reptile home – the number 1 among the natural terrariums aqua terrarium combination of glass extra deep, waterproof base (PT2595: 20 cm – at PT2606-08-09: 25 cm) ideal for aquatic living species.

Create a rainforest, swamp or a river wall with a safe filter system for the best combination of a hole or a wall of water roots. Water plays an important role in the life of all animals. It is important for temperature regulation, nutrient absorption, digestion, body weight and health.

In addition, many types of water require for a short or longer period of time for certain phases in their life, such as for mating or egg rest, development (larvae phase) or for skinning. In the wild, events such as seasonal floods or strong monsoon rain offer vital conditions.

If water is not available for a longer period of time, the animals cannot multiply or even die. Terrarium meets aquarium: the Exo Terra Paludarium is a semi-aquatic terrarium habitat that mimics a rainforest, swamp or river and can accommodate both aquatic and terrestrial

animal and plant species. The word paludarium comes from the Latin word “palus”, which stands for swamp. A paludarium combines the best of two worlds: the lower part has an extra-high front floor glass, behind which a larger amount of water or a higher water level can be stored.

This allows you to install a larger water or aquarium part that allows you to keep aquatic animals and plants next to the land or terrarium part. A part of the water area can consist of a double floor to support the land section, to accommodate and hide equipment such as

filters, pumps and water heaters, and at the same time it can serve as a biological filter medium. Run the water from the filter pump through your terrarium along the back wall with live plants and moss. You can create waterfalls that gradually drop the water back into the water basin.

Waterfalls look beautiful and help to enrich the water with oxygen and filter biologically. Live plants and moss contribute to the filter capacity of your terrarium. This type of device allows you to create an effective filter system that mimics the process of biological filtering in nature.

A fully functioning paludarium provides a constant source of clean water, which is essential for the keeping of semi-aquatic species. Basically, it is a small, closed ecosystem. The unique rooted back panel offers additional climbing possibilities and simulates

a natural banyan tree root environment. The front doors can be opened separately to reduce the “risk of outbreak” while allowing easy access for maintenance and feeding. A special lock prevents animals from accidentally opening the doors. The top made of finely woven metal fabric and

the good ventilation that is associated with it allows UVB and infrared light to penetrate the terrarium. For decoration or cleaning purposes, it can be easily completely removed. On the back of the cover there are 5 lockable cable or hose openings

on both sides to install waterfalls, pumps, aquarium heaters, sensors etc. in the terrarium. Regularly check the water to check the water quality and effectiveness of your filter. Partial water changes can help remove toxic substances or improve overall water quality.

Never change the water completely – unless it is really necessary – as this also removes useful bacteria and organisms.

Set up a paludarium and enjoy a stunning rainforest landscape in your living room!


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