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Exo Terra’s Aztec Range creates a mystical ancient pre-Columbian atmosphere inside your terrarium. The Aztec terrarium and decoration is inspired by the astonishing art and impressive relics that were left behind by pre-Columbian cultures.

Revive and admire the magnificence of this lost civilization by decorating your terrarium with one of the functional Exo Terra Aztec decoration items.

Exo Terra’s Aztec Frog Water Dish fits the ancient Mesoamerican Aztec theme. Frogs, toads and amphibians in general symbolized earth and rain and were associated with Tlaloc, the god of water, fertility and agriculture.

The presence of clean and fresh water is important for the proper care and maintenance of reptiles and amphibians. The shape of the Aztec Frog Water Dish is especially designed to prevent it from being tipped over, and to avoid spilling water.

  • Key Features :
  • – Inspired by pre-Columbian cultures
  • – Mesoamerican Aztec theme
  • – Designed to prevent it from being tipped over and water spills
  • – Dimensions : 11.5 cm W x 10 D x 6 cm H (4.5 W x 4 D x 2.4 H in)
  • – Capacity : 40 ml


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