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The Exo Terra Crested Gecko Food is a nutritious food blend that is specially designed for growth and long term health of Crested Geckos and other gecko species. In the wild, Crested Geckos feed primarily on mature fruits, nectar, pollen and flowers;

but will occasionally hunt insects and other small prey. Due to their varied diet, a combination of natural fruits and appropriate amounts of protein were added to create a healthy diet with desirable texture for maximum acceptance.

The Crested Gecko Food contains all essential vitamins, amino acids and trace elements necessary to keep your pet reptile happy and healthy. Each single serve cup provides the optimal amount of food for your geckos, which prevents desiccation and spoiling,

and prohibits Crested Geckos from tracking excess food throughout the terrarium. The convenient serving cups fit perfectly in decorative items like the Exo Terra Kanak Tribal Ornament or the Exo Terra Canopy Combo Dish. The Exo Terra Crested Gecko Food is a well balanced diet

for all fruit/flower/nectar eating geckos, like Crested Geckos (Correlophus ciliatus), Leach?s Giant Gecko (Rhacodactylus leachianus), Gargoyle Gecko (Rhacodactylus auriculatus), Mossy Gecko (Mniarogekko chahoua), Day Geckos (Phelsuma sp.), and many other species?..

  • Cups with any uneaten food should be removed after 48 hours.
  • – Highly palatable
  • – Irresistible taste and aroma
  • – Nutritious & ready-to-eat
  • – Pre-mixed, single serve cups
  • – Provides calcium and magnesium
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